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Feeling Blessed...

It's just over a week since I participated in our Regina and Area Potters' Guild Christmas Wishes Sale! I can't believe this was our 4th year, which is quite an accomplishment, and wow, have we grown! More and more of you are hearing about us and the sales made and people we were so fortunate to meet were truly awe inspiring!

Thanks to all of you who walked through the doors; whether you purchased a favourite piece, fondled our wares or showed support to your favourite potter it was so apprecated!

I still have a few pieces available for sale (I'd like to add that I'm pretty proud of the number of pieces I created in one month!) and today I was thinking that I really need to finish and publish this webpage that I've been working on for far too many years. Even more so, I really do need to 'set up shop'. Here. Online. In my webpage.

I'm going to be listing items shortly and I do appologize that there will only be one photo of each item for now. If there's something that catches your eye and you feel you need to see multiple side of a piece, please send me a message here or FB messenger and I'll send some off. Just note that they're not likely to be as pretty as the ones I took originally because I'm knee deep in gift wrapping, baking and house cleaning for Christmas!

I'll post a link to my page and let you know when the selling begins! Until then, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support!


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