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Who am I?

I am a self-taught, multi-media artist working from my home studio in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I strive to create realistic pieces in both clay and paper, realizing that perfection in nature is rare. 
For me, pinching little pots into fruits and vegetables is both meditative and gratifying even when the piece I have in mind takes on a shape of it's own and a pear becomes an avocado or an overly large apricot becomes a potato!
The manipulative nature of the European florist crepe paper allows me to craft the stems, leaves and blossoms and, as in the clay, I can let loose and add tiny imperfections like bug bites or dry and withering leaf tips.


I have been a 'maker' for as far back as I can remember.  From countess hours spent colouring, to sewing doll clothes on my mother's old Singer sewing machine,  to weaving, jewellery making and quilting.


My latest work in clay is inspired by the beauty of the ordinary.  

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